VDS Custom Binder

VDS Custom Binder

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Hey there 
I thought today I would show you all my fantabulous new VDS (Van der Spek) Custom Standard Planner. I have had a few enquiries about it so decided a blog post was in order. 
If you are not familiar with VDS they are a wonderful company creating fabulous leather products including an amazing service where you can design you very own planner choosing your colours inside and out, the stitching colour... everything down to ring size and colour. Your planner will be a one off designed by you for you. 
This makes them so special, I am in love with my new custom because I know it was made specially for me!!
I went for the Ostrich effect (not real ostrich) inside and out. The inside colour is the Grey option and the outside is Fuxia. The contrasting colours are just fab in real life. The stitching is all in fuxia so it blends in on the front and contrasts on the inside. 
The ostrich effect feels like it will be very durable but at the same time feels soft to touch, I am really in love with it and intend getting a second ostrich print in different colours.

vds custom binder 3

This is the standard layout of the VDS but if you work with Petra she is very obliging to give you exactly what you want and if you follow their group on facebook you will see all the amazing variations of binders she has made. 
I opted for stiffener in my binder but you can get it without stiffener to make it more floppy. I love a good stiff covered binder so I am thrilled with the stiffener. It still has a good bit of play but is exactly what I was looking for. 
vds custom binder 4
I opted for the 25mm silver rings but they are available in gold too annndddd the best bit for most people is they also have an option of 30mm rings!!! I will never use 30mm but isn't it fab to have that option!!!
vds custom binder 5
Another thing to point out is just how substantial these binders feel in your hand. This is it beside my Metropol and you can see how much thicker it is. If you like a chunky feeling planner you will loooove these. I love to just hold this binder because it just feels great!!!!
So there you are, if you have any queries please don't be afraid to drop me a line and I will try to answer any questions. 
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