Van Der Spek binders

Van Der Spek binders

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Van Der Spek binders can be found here. I had never heard of them until recently when they were mentioned in one of the groups I frequent. What fascinated and intrigued me was that you can actually order a customised binder from them. From what I remember it was not overly pricey, considering the work that went into it.

A5 manager Organiser

Look at this beauty – the A5 Manager. Gorgeous leather and lots of credit card slots in a practical constellation.

A5 Manager Organiser including agenda refill
Here is the A5 Manager with agenda refill. Look at that full length pocket at the back and the gorgeous pockets on this one!

Custom Binder

This one is a custom binder.
‘Design your own Van der Spek article with a classic leather type as a base and a fashion color to add a trendy touch. Furthermore you can choose the color of the stitching and cover flap.’

Images of gorgeous custom binders are dancing in my head – maybe a purple binder (or cover as Van Der Spek calls them) with green stitching with green lining. Or Grey croc with hot pink suede lining. Absolute heaven!

And I have save the best for last – the A5s have 35mm rings!

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