Under production, a trio of organizers by VDS in Louis Vuitton leather

Under production, a trio of organizers by VDS in Louis Vuitton leather

Under production, a trio of organizers by VDS in Louis Vuitton leather 


I fell in love with these crosshatch leathers when I first received my swatches. When I saw it in real life in Puttershoek I battled to decide between green and red. I tend to always have the same colour inside and out, hence the difficulty. I did toy with green with a red strap, stitching and interior, and red with a green strap, stitching and interior. Then I spotted Janet Leather and I was done for.

I sold some handbags lately and I know that this leather is limited in quantity so I decided to order a trio. Why is it limited in quantity? Well, it comes from a Famous French Design House – Louis Vuitton. Big houses often sell overruns or offcuts onwards. Dolce & Gabbano often do this as well. The leather has had a second hatch added to it, creating a crosshatch/saffiano effect. It is really tough, low maintenance and easy to clean. Below is Louis Vuitton Epi leather without the second crosshatch on it.


Here are the first pics of it in production. My two favorite men – my beloved Mr Van Der Spek and the super stylish JP Frumau – colour co-ordinated and beautifully dressed as always. When I see these two faces smiling at me my heart soars. There is so much love in this factory! Here is a look at all the work that goes into the making of each binder.





The design is going to be exactly the same as my undyed leather and my Janet leather binders with the addition of a full length back pocket

  • standard size (Filofax personal)
  • 30mm rings
  • full length back pocket
  • ring protectors
  • credit card slots front and back inside cover
  • secretarial pockets front and back cover


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